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Consultation Request
Specialty Item
Sponsorship Ads
Video/On-Screen Production

Schedule & Timeline

The average lead-time needed for each request is as follows:

Print Materials Approx. 35 weeks
Press Releases Approx. 2 weeks
Recruiting Materials Approx 35 weeks
Direct Mailing 46 weeks
Copywriting 23 weeks
Sponsorship Ads 12 weeks
Specialty/Promo Items 34 weeks
Photography and Videography Request 12 weeks prior to event
Video/On-screen media Varies*
*An approximate timeline will be established during a follow-up of the request.
Please Remember: Projected times of completion are rough estimates and may be affected by various
events/activities taking place at the University (i.e. Commencement, special events).


Please upload samples, assets required and associated copy.